West Coast, The Saga Continues

December 31, 2010
by Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin (gt04)

Like a growing number of other Hampshire grads, I ended up in Palo Alto.  After completing my Div III, a compiler/distribution system allowing legacy C code to leverage cluster resources, I moved to UMass for a little bit.  An internship with VMware distracted me from pursuing my masters/PhD program, though.

I’ve always had a passion for both low level systems issues and higher level distributed systems challenges – VMware has really let me explore both.  I’m one of the leads working on their vMotion feature, a technique for migrating a running virtual machine from one host in a cluster to a different physical host without VM downtime. I end up bouncing between ESX kernel and VMM (virtual machine monitor) development up to Virtual Center/DRS (distributed resource scheduler) work, playing with every layer of the virtualization stack.  Definitely rewarding stuff.

As much as I enjoy my work here on the west coast, I still find that I miss MA.  I’ve wandered back to Hampshire a few times since leaving, visiting friends and enjoying some real weather.  I’ll probably head back to that area sooner or later.

In the mean time, though, if anyone is looking for some fun systems work, please do get in touch with me.  I work with a variety of teams at VMware, most of which are hiring.  We are also constantly on the lookout for interns.

Now, back to enjoying my brief vacation!  Enjoy the New Year!

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