More-or-Less biding my time in Columbia, MD

January 19, 2011
by Davin Taddeo (davin)

Well, I’d like to say that I’ve been doing cooler things than I have been.  But so much effort has been towards paying the bills and so I’ve been doing that.   I work as a Systems Engineer for FINRA (link here).  I’m bringing them into the modern age of pre-built virtualization solutions and introducing them to Linux, as they still seem to have a major crush on Sun here.  It’s not that interesting, but it’s a nice 3×13 night shift that gives me 4 days off a week to work on my own things.

What I work on in my other time when I’m able to get around to it is learning, and trying to slowly code together a scalable social media site based on three-dimensional social graphs.  Once I have something interesting there I’ll post more.  But mostly it involves in taking my background in systems engineering and trying to mold it into being a coder.  I’m slowly trying to build the programming knowledge and experience that I wish I had built my curricula around at college.  It’s been slow going, but fun.  In the whole process I’ve also managed to also pick up a lot of skills with web design and such and have started building a pretty strong portfolio as a web developer.

In a while, I may be able to stop the day-job stuff and work full time as a developer/designer freelancing and whatnot.  That would be nice, I’m a bit tired of trying to help companies understand that virtualization isn’t some magical way to get around needing to have a physical environment to compute on…

Once I have anything neat, I’ll post it up here.  It is nice to see some familiar names out there.  Glad to see you folks doing some interesting stuff.

~Davin Taddeo

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