December 9, 2010
by Kyle Harrington (kharrington)

Hello i3ci readers,

I am currently working out of MA at Hampshire, Umass, and Brandeis.

At Hampshire I am working with Lee’s group on the Clojure implementation of Push, Clojush. Thus far that involves the zip stack (see Zippers, trees), example problems, and some meta-GP/autoconstruction.

At UMass I am a visting student with the BINDS lab. My research at BINDS is on emotion, vision, and analog memory. The most recent work being on the emergent behavior and properties of agents that communicate emotional state.

I’m actually enrolled as a PhD student at Brandeis. I work with Jordan Pollack in the DEMO lab (BIG). My research includes neuronal imaging analysis, chemical computation, and evolutionary robotics. The neuronal imaging analysis is a collaboration with Yuhua Shang, Pengyu Hong, and Michael Rosbash. We are working on using the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction as a substrate for computation (simulation and experimental) with Michael Heymann, and Seth Fraden. Finally, I am using breve to evolve constructable robots (and then construct them).


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