Hey From DC!

December 5, 2010
by Bradford Barr (bbarr)

Hello all.

Lee asked me to share a bit about what I’m doing on this new alum blog. So here goes.

I’m currently a research scientist on contract to NIST. I work with speaker and language recognition software. More specifically we design experiments and run technology evaluations that test other peoples systems. We also develop standards for biometric data.

I’m also a member of a hacker space in DC (HacDC). I helped start a study group there for NLP and AI called NARG. I’ve given a lot of talks on AI (many stolen from Lee’s AI courses), but right now NARG is currently working on setting up a sensor network in our hacker space.

When I start new interesting projects I’ll be sure and post them up here, but for now I’m done. If there are any Hampshire hackers are in the DC area, look me up.


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