Greetings from Northampton, MA

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Wow, a lot of cool stuff has happened since I graduated in 2000. To put it in perspective: when I was graduating, the big debate was over RealAudio versus this weird new “mp3” audio format. Thank goodness all those pointless arguments about file formats and media codecs are completely over!

After graduation, I kicked around the career-averse landscape of Western Massachusetts for a while, working for non-profits, teaching high school (badly) and finally landing most recently at Advance Internet, where I work as a mobile product manager, overseeing our forays into smartphone apps and the mobile web. It’s an exciting area for development, although I spend a lot of time staring at smartphones.

Kudos to Lee for putting this blog together, this is a great resource and I bookmarked the hell out of it. I’m excited to see if this can grow into a genuine resource to help us alumni connect with each other and current CompSci students at Hampshire.



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