There’s an App for That

March 5, 2011
by Omid Mikhchi (om05)

I graduated from Hampshire in summer 2010 with my division III project “Designing an iPhone-like Backgammon Game.”

I worked a brief time as an iOS developer for a small game company in western mass. But after my contract was over in January I escaped the New England winter and headed out west. Two weeks of mad job hunting later I finally found the perfect fit for me as the mobile developer for Style Page Inc. where I get to work with an awesome team of engineers and lead the development of the iPhone and iPad apps.

I’ve only been in the bay area for a little over a month and everyday has been an adventure as I start my new life here. If your doing CS at Hampshire and thinking about life after graduation then your probably already thinking of coming out here. The weather is fantastic, I don’t think you will find a larger community of startups and creative people, and there is a surprising number of Hampshire alumni out here ready to help.

I also want to thank Lee Specter. The summer before I started my first semester at Hampshire I had given up on computer science, dissuaded by a bad experience in high school. But after taking Lee’s Creative Computing and Genetic Algorithms class my passion for CS was renewed. He agreed to be my division II and III chair and throughout my time at Hampshire his support and advise were invaluable.

So thank you Lee, and my best wishes to all future alumni.

Omid Mikhchi

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